Agribusiness Australia


Australia is a very large and environmentally diverse nation continent, and agribusinesses and rural industries cover around 60 percent of Australia’s land mass.  As part of that, around 70 percent of our food needs are met by small to medium sized family owned agribusinesses.

Australia produces more food than it consumes, therefore, the export market is very important to Australia’s economy.  Due to operating on the international stage, our export is around two thirds of our total production.  Also, this sector employs a large proportion of people covering a wide variety of skills from horticulture to engineering, bioscience research to manual labour and management to finance.  It is an estimated $256billion industry and is continuing to grow.  It is a key contributor to the country’s GDP and economic prosperity.  The agribusiness industry is fundamental to the economy of Australia.

The Agribusiness sector includes businesses that are directly engaged in, or directly benefit from, agricultural activities and disciplines encompassed by modern food production, including processing, transportation and distribution.

The sector is diverse and includes:

  • meat and livestock
  • dairy
  • poultry and eggs
  • seafood
  • grains and cereals
  • fruit and vegetables
  • ready to eat and cellar door (farmgate)
  • Herbs and spices
  • fibres and other crops
  • viticulture
  • horticulture
  • beverages
  • research and development
  • agtech

It also encompasses:

  • farm planning
  • weather forecasting
  • soil management
  • seed production
  • machinery
  • plant protection
  • crop nutrient management
  • harvesting
  • marketing of produce
  • storage
  • supply chain operations
  • financing, food processing
  • retailing and much more

This sector will grow significantly, due to the increasing globalisation of the food supply chain.  In Victoria alone, the Victorian Government is expecting to reach a target of $20billion by 2030 for agriculture export.

Supporting producers and growers enables sustainability

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