Agribusiness Victoria


To reinforce Victoria’s presence in the Australian agribusiness economy, more than 52% of agribusiness training was delivered in Victoria in 2019, thereby substantiating our strength and future sustainability of this sector.  It covers a wide variety of skills from horticulture to engineering, bioscience research to manual labour and management to finance.  We have developed a reputation for quality and diversity of product, due to our extensive skills, varied climate and differing soil types.   

And as part of Australia, we afford other advantages:

  • geographic isolation and high biosecurity status
  • proximity to Asian economies
  • extensive free trade agreements
  • counter-seasonal production for the northern hemisphere allowing delivery of produce throughout the year

These all assist to drive demand for Victoria and Australia’s products in world markets and increase international investment and competitiveness. 

But also due to our extreme climate and weather patterns, Victoria needs to find more sustainable ways to feed the population and drive productivity.  We need to invest more in AgTech, FoodTech innovation and research and development to enable us to have a better understanding of our global competitive leverage. 

We also need to take into consideration global challenges such as population growth, changing consumption patterns, climate change, food security and the need to improve farm productivity. By working together, we can identify growth opportunities and drive the Victorian Agribusiness economy to what the world increasingly wants.

Opportunities are built from innovation including new technologies, smarter farm management and improved business models.

Invest in Victoria’s agribusiness to ensures its future

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