Our Story

The Victorian Agribusiness Council (VAC) is here to promote Victorian agribusiness including food production, to the rest of Australia and overseas.  This will further strengthen the Victorian economy and food security.

We enable Victorian businesses and stakeholders to connect, network and knowledge share in order to strengthen and underpin the agribusiness industry.

As the peak body for small to medium sized agribusinesses within Victoria, VAC aims to support these producers to boost their growth, encourage diversity and ensure sustainability.  We advocate on their behalf to gain recognition and representation to enable them to run their businesses more efficiently and profitably while continuing to contribute to Australia’s economy.

In today’s world, consumers are evolving and looking for:

  • convenience for both in- and out-of-home consumption
  • a broader range of flavours and food-based experiences
  • customised offerings
  • more information about how and where their purchase originated
  • products that improve mental and physical wellbeing

From humble agricultural beginnings based originally on livestock, grain and wool farming, we have come a long way.  Victorian agribusiness now delivers a diverse range of products from olives, honey, truffles and blueberries through to award-winning wine and spirits.  This is because our producers have diversified and are now gearing their businesses towards a growing range of high quality, healthy and innovative food by-products.

The VAC realises this need and is fast becoming a destination where farmers, processers, retailers, exporters and chefs are coming together to support and encourage collaboration in order to promote and celebrate our region’s vibrant food culture.

As an organisation, we recognise Victorian agribusiness and food as an iconic part of Victoria’s and Australia’s identity.  To maintain this, we encourage creativity to generate opportunities in order to establish Victoria as Australia’s largest food industry hub.

Victoria has the opportunity
to be a vital COG in the Australian economy.


Victoria’s agribusiness and food sector aims to strengthen and grow its position to be the primary producer and exporter of sustainable, authentic, healthy and consistently high-quality products within the Australian and International markets.  To attain this, businesses must be agile and continually and proactively seeking innovation, diversification and opportunities to develop and market more unique offerings. 

To be the best, the Victorian Agribusiness and Food sector needs to work together as a united force.  It needs to understand and adapt according to consumers evolving habits and changing trends.  We live in an economy with increased wealth and greater choice, and the consumer as well as the producer are driving the marketplace to provide a more diverse range of agri-products, foods and food services tailored to individual preferences and lifestyles.

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